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Joint Property and Owners Associations



In case you wish to be represented by a team of professional lawyers, be up to date with legislation and we can offer the following services specialized services:
-writing summons / prior notifications ;
- oobtaining accounting expert studies/reports;
- drawing up civil contracts with certified date;
- rdrafting articles and memorandum of association of the association of owners, preparing all the documentation for incorporation (drafting the rental / lease agreement to establish the registered office);
- submitting documentation to the competent court and represent the association in order to obtain the incorporation resolution of the court ruling;
- submitting registration application at the competent City Hall for registration of the association;
- participation at general meetings of the owners in the interest of the owners’ association;
- drafting and supporting actions for claims against debtors;
- representing the owners’ associations in any civil and commercial litigations;


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