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Administrative Law



At one time or another, in order to maintain and develop your daily business, you have to deal, either you want it or not, with the state/public authorities, with centralized and decentralized institutions. We are the team of lawyers that can give you a hand and that can represent you during this difficult process.

Do you want to be assissted and represented within a public bid process? Do you want to have the certainty of being advised by a team of lawyers which supervises the whole procedure? If the bid is a successful one, you can count on our team to manage the contract execution.

Do you want to be sure that your request has not been forgotten for months or even years, in a drawer of an employee from a public institution? Choose us and this will never happen.

Do you consider that an institution delivered a wrong decision? Do you want to challenge it in court? We can do that for you.

Our department specialized in administrative law has one objective and one motto: „Your success makes us successful."


"Bona causa nullum iudicem verebitur."