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Family Law



Now, when it comes to a married couple, the divorce is definitely a delicate matter. Our principle is that when a marriage can no longer subsist, not even after there was provided assistance by specialized persons in the field of marriage counselling, the only solution is to get a divorce.

We believe this procedure can be solved in a private and a civilized way, taking into consideration that the new Code of Family, with all its amendments, facilitates a divorce based on both parties’ consent, irrespective if they have or not children who have not reached full legal age.

To this end, we can provide and help you by drawing up and supportting the action for divorce, the partition of common goods, the action meant to increase or decrease the child support.

Our law firm can also provide legal counselling regarding the adoption procedure, procedure of determinating or contesting the paternity or the change of name procedure, etc.


"Bona causa nullum iudicem verebitur."