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Intellectual and Industrial Property



Our law firm has always made proof of a qualitative professional performance corresponding to every requirement of our clients, when it comes to copyrights and industrial property rights.

This is precisely the reason why we have created a department whose specific object of activity is exactly this issue concerning the copyrights, respectively the industrial property.

Our lawyers possess a complete knowledge and profound study in this field and in what concerns institutions specific to the intelectual property, such as: protection terms related to copyrights, respectively of brands and geographical indications, of industrial drawings or designs, of inventions (by means of the patent); terms of transfer and use of the copyrights, rights of industrial property etc.

This new branch of law, continuously changing and adjusting, requires profound knowledge which represents the attribute of specialists, namely of the professional lawyers that are constantly upgrading their professional skills: you can meet this kind of lawyers by contacting our law firm !


"Bona causa nullum iudicem verebitur."